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Why hire a Professional DJ for your Wedding or event?

With the new digital age and technology, “DJ’s” are everywhere right now. Being able to DJ in a bedroom, or even a birthday party is one thing, but keeping guests and activities in order at a wedding requires an entirely different mindset.

Oh, the stories we have heard when the Bride and Groom hired a “friend with some speakers” or “a really cheap guy they found online” to entertain one of the biggest celebrations a person can have in their life. We have had last minute calls for DJ’s that backed out, or went missing a week before the wedding with no way to be contacted, and even a few that didn’t show up on the day of.  Way too often, we have heard stories where the Bride and Groom hired and communicated with a DJ who they thought would be their entertainer (likely the owner of the DJ company) and a completely different person they had never met would show up with a list of songs for the evening. This is not okay. Having a Professional DJ not only means the entertainer you expect to show up will actually be there, but here are a few other things you should expect as well.

A Professional DJ will have proper communication with their client and should be able to help in as much of the planning process beforehand as needed, while using experience of the past and knowledge of what is trending as a guide for decisions.

A Professional DJ knows how to keep the event flowing, the atmosphere exciting, and the crowd motivated. Playing the right music is very important, but when and how it is played can be a game (or party) changer as well. Mixing and blending the right songs can keep the dance floor jumping throughout the night for guests of all ages.

A Professional DJ will have professional equipment, a state of the art sound system, and will know how to use it. Dinner and background music during certain times of your event should be where guests can have a conversation with each other and when it’s time to kick the party up, the music and announcements should sound amazing, and rock the dance floor at a level that fits the venue they are in.

A Professional DJ is an entertainer. Anyone can play music, but usually not everyone who attends a wedding is a dancer. An entertainer can insert the right amount of interaction into different parts of the evening, so guests that may not be out on the dance floor all night will at least be laughing, smiling, and still having an amazing time. A four hour dance party works well in a night club, but not usually at a wedding. A professional can keep all of the guests entertained by reading the crowd and executing the music and crowd interaction at the appropriate times.

A Professional DJ should be able to improvise. Look, there are a lot of different things happening at a wedding in a few short hours. From experience, once in a while everything will not go as planned. A seasoned DJ can keep the event running smoothly. The DJ pretty much has control of the crowd and order of activities. Personally, like the Farmers Insurance commercial says, ”We know a thing or two, because we have seen a thing or two,” we really have seen some stuff behind the scenes, but the guests were never aware of anything other than a fun party. In other words, a pro can handle whatever is thrown at them.

A Professional DJ should look and act professional. The look not only goes for the person dressing right for the occasion, but the gear they bring in as well. The DJ booth or area should be well organized and clean. Cords should be organized and cases stored in an appropriate manner. Most DJ’s can easily be found on social media. Look them up! Ask questions, get to know them as well as you can, if possible meet them in person before you hire them to run the show for the biggest moment of your life, shared with close family and friends. We always recommend making sure the entertainer you hire is a good match for making your dream day become reality.

We are PROFESSIONAL DJ’s. If you have found the perfect mate, we hope you find us to be the perfect DJ’s for your dream wedding celebration. Let's get the party started!

-John May – owner Amayzing Entertainment

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